Suggested Agenda for Regular Surrogacy Meetings

1. Review of Progress and Expected Timeline

  • Are your plans going as expected?
  • Different to plan? Does anything need to happen to support the new plan?
  • Next steps – what, when, who, how? Any extra information needed?

2. Surrogate Support

  • Has surrogate got enough support – Hands on? Emotional? Self care? Appreciation?
  • Has surrogate’s partner got enough support – Hands on? Emotional? Self care? Appreciation?
  • What else is needed - who or how will it be provided?
  • Can you anticipate anything the surrogate might need that she is not asking for?
  • Any future or post birth support needs that need to be organised now?

3. Pregnancy Progress

  • Is everyone happy with how the pregnancy progress is being shared and Intended Parents involvement?
  • Is attendance at appointments and sharing of information working?
  • Anything need to change? Start? Stop? More? Less?

4. Financial

  • Are all bills being paid?
  • Are all incidentals being reimbursed?
  • Is time off work being covered? Childcare etc?
  • Is surrogate not mentioning any minor costs?
  • Any change to agreed or expected incidentals?

5. Relationship and Communication

  • What needs to stay the same because it is working well?
  • What do you need more of because it is good but not enough?
  • What do you need less of because it is not working?
  • What needs to stop?

6. Agreements, Promises and Commitments

  • What did you agree would be provided or done at this stage in the timeline or for what is happening now?
  • Are there any expectations that are not being met? What needs to happen to amend this?
  • Is there anything coming up soon that there were agreements and commitments attached to? Can these expectations still be met?

7. Difficult Events

  • Anything difficult happened or happening?
  • Is counselling or extra support needed?

8. Anything else?

  • Open forum to bring up anything else.