Agenda items for regular meetings.
The financial aspect of surrogacy is an important one, as if this is not well managed it can lead to friction, resentment and breakdown in the relationship between Intended Parents and Surrogate.
A hospital may or may not have had experience with a surrogate birth previously, and even if they have, your birth scenario may be different, so it is important to have discussions with your hospital and your obstetrician or midwife (if applicable), well before the birth, to educate them about surrogacy and to mutually come up with a plan that best meets the needs of your surrogacy. Remember, surrogacy is legal, even if the hospital policies have not yet caught up, so should be accommodated and respected by the hospital.
Here is a guide on what I recommend Intended Parents provide to their Surrogate in the days, weeks, and months post birth, to help her transition hormonally and emotionally. I call this transition "Head, Heart, Hormones"
A Surrogacy Journey is huge, beautiful and scary. It can take you from the highest highs to the lowest lows, with every twist, turn, pitfall and obstacle in between. Here are 20 things to think about when choosing your Intended Parents or Surrogate.
Here is a link to some podcasts that Sarah has also done with me that cover common milestones and scenarios in the complex surrogacy journey, from a psychological perspective.
Links to Surrogacy Groups and Other Reseources